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What We’re All About

Inner Expressions is a new stylish forward-thinking brand that has captured the realness of our times. Speaking your truth from a faith based prospective whilst being authentic has never been so prevalent, encouraged, and accepted like in today’s society.

Inner Expression creates stylish elegant designs that speaks out positively whenever you wear our t-shirts.  

Our values are underpinned by 3 ethical principles.

We aim to inspire with thought provoking messaging that will motivate and encourage.

We strive to keep our merchandise current yet elegant and print on the best quality tees so that they are long lasting 

Above all we pride ourselves in supporting generously to non-profit organisations by assisting in medical advancement, and social change.   

Each item you purchase contributes in making a difference to the lives of others. We care about the issues of this world so we as a brand feel it is our duty to contribute by making regular donations to help create further change.


So, a BIG THANK YOU for your support  !